RAMM 2.0


Platform purposes
Investment services implementation:
Service of automatical trades management on clients' accounts
Social trading
Socializing and trading of clients all-in-one
Signal service
Copying of trading signals by clients
Automatical management of clients' investment portfolios
Wealth management
Private management of clients' funds
Proprietary trading
Management of the company's own funds by employed traders
Wide range of instruments
Stock and commodity markets
The classical set of instruments for a wide range of investors
Indices and ETF
For the conservative audience
Currencies and cryptocurrencies
For those who like the aggressive investment approach and modern trends
The efficient broker's instrument for attracting and retaining customers. The high level of customers' satisfaction.
Ample opportunities in integrating the service with proprietary applications and developing own platform interfaces.
Minimum investments for the platform launch and support.
The fast start.
The support of popular trading platforms. Adding other platforms on demand.
Open Source
The full control over the users' applications code. The possibility of using source codes of the platform for developing own versions of the interface.
Strategies Base
The attractive rating of strategies from the very first day of service functioning!
RAMM platform ideally suits all service participants:
investors, traders, partners, brokers, and their White Labels.
Advantages for investors
The platform is developed for the needs of investors, so it ideally fits them.
Simple and convenient
Convenient web applications do not require downloading, and full-fledged mobile applications with notifications about important events give the opportunity to make decisions at any moment of time.
The full control over investments
The platform has built-in mechanisms of protection and management of investments. Upon reaching the given levels of drawdown or profit the trading will stop automatically.
Investment settings
The platform allows to customize the investment process to your own preferences in risk and profitability.
The platform presentation. Part 1.
The platform from investors' point of view.

Please watch the platform presentation and make sure it meets your expectations!
Advantages for traders
The platform provides advanced opportunities for capital management and traders earning.
Several remuneration models
Traders may receive remuneration from investors by several models simultaneously: remuneration from profits, trading turnover commission and subscription fee (very soon!).
Full automatization of all processes
Managing funds in RAMM does not require any additional actions from a trader in case of investors depositing and withdrawing funds. All the necessary actions are performed by the platform automatically.
Additional opportunities
The platform allows traders to change investment parameters for new investors, view trading reports of their investors, introduce special investment parameters for non-public offers, promote their strategies through partners with the given conditions of their remuneration, and much more.
Advantages for partners
The reliable and profitable instrument for a wide range of partners in promoting the service among investors, traders, brokers.
Attracting investors
RAMM platform has a built-in partnership program for attracting investors.
Attracting traders
Both brokers and our company are interested in attracting traders. Contact us for details.
Attracting brokers
Contact us to discuss the partner remuneration.
We are ready to discuss various options of cooperation.
Please contact us to choose the optimal tariff plan and learn about current promotions and discounts.
RAMM platform SaaS, APIs, standard mobile apps, standard branding program, 3rd support line for clients (en/ru)
Priority support and advanced customization, dedicated infrastructure, additional execution model
Access to strategy database
additional fee
additional fee
additional fee
White Labels (distribution of RAMM via broker's partners)
additional fee
additional fee
€ 1 000
€ 2 000
€ 3 000
€ 5 000
Support fee per active client
€ 5
€ 4
€ 3
€ 2.5
Minimum Monthly Support fee
€ 1 000
€ 2 000
€ 3 000
€ 5 000
Our partners
If you wish to become our client, partner or investor, please contact us!
Write to us
We will provide the demo environment and hold a product presentation.

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